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30 May
How to apply microcement in 5 steps
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This is a brief summary specifying the steps to be taken in the microcement application.
26 Jul
¿Qué marca de microcemento es la mejor?
Which brand of Microcement is the best?
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Microcement is not a product, but a concept with some defined characteristics. It’s a decorative coating without joints, applicable over any surface. 
26 Jul
¿Qué es el microcemento?
What is the Microcement?
Category: CimentArt, Exterior microcement, ...
The microcement is a highly decorative coating and 100% waterproof, with little thickness; it can be applied on walls, floors and ceilings, indoors or outdoors.
25 Jul
Microcemento en una encimera de cocina
Can the Microcement be use over a kitchen countertop?
Category: CimentArt, Inside microcement
Of course, microcement can be apply over a countertop, the important part is that the base, if its wood or DMF, should be completely waterproof.
25 Jul
Microcemento 100% Impermeable
100% waterproof Microcement
Category: CimentArt, Inside microcement
CimentArt with a lot of effort has created the first 100% waterproof Microcement Ready to be use.